Azalea Gardens Bible Discussion Group

Welcome to our page!  

We want to invite you to join us as we meet together to learn more about God’s Word and His Plan for us.  We meet at least once a month on Fridays in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area (see our calendar below for dates and locations). These casual meetings are held in our homes with other families who are devoted to serving God and His Kingdom.  As we examine God’s Word, we learn how to apply His Word in our everyday lives in ways that can impact others as we reach out to the communities where we live and share our faith (what we believe) with those who are seeking.  

The Azalea Gardens Bible Discussion Group is comprised of families like yours, those in military service, marrieds, mature singles, seniors and professionals.  Children are welcome and child care supervision is available!!  We are currently examining the Book of Acts which describes the establishment of the early church and the spread of Christianity throughout territories of the Roman Empire and beyond through the Acts of the Apostles (disciples) as inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Our group also hosts “house church” throughout the year to offer opportunities for worship and praise in our local communities and personal Bible studies for those who are interested in learning more about God’s Word and what it means for believers. 

Small group fellowships, especially Small Group Bible Discussions, can have a tremendous impact on those who participate. In these "right-sized" groups, we encourage and pray for each other, grow in our faith and spirituality through everyday practice of what we learn and believe, find strength in hard times, celebrate our blessings and victories, build and grow lifelong relationships and share a delicious meal! 

Alandus and Oge Edwards lead our Small Group Bible Discussion.  To get more information, ask questions and/or receive updates to our calendar (we are a very active church and as a result our group calendar is subject to change), please e-mail Alandus at We look forward to meeting you as we learn and grow together.

Do not merely listen to the Word, do what it says.
— James 1:22

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