1 January: Genesis 1-2, Psalm 1, John 1a

Genesis 1-2: the creation account. There's a poetic balance that is evident between days one through three and four through six. Day one stands in parallel with four, day two with day five, and day three with day six. More specifically: light – light giving objects; see and sky – birds and fish; land – plants and animals and ultimately mankind. And it's all good, very good!

John 1a: Even more creation! Although Christ, the Logos of God, created all of us, we did not receive him. Nonetheless, we are given opportunity again to become children of God. What an honor!

Psalm 1: I hope to be like a tree planted by streams of water through this year of Bible study. This psalm gives me my challenge of what I hope to achieve in 2014. I want to delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it day and night.

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