12 January: Genesis 27-28, John 7a, Psalm 12

Genesis 27-28

  • I'll simply post a fun video from one of our family devotionals here about this section of Scripture:

John 7:1-24

  • "For even his own brothers did not believe in him." This makes the turnaround in James and Jude all the more inspiring (and plausible).
  • The great Trilemma appears on these pages. Is Jesus a Liar, a Lunatic, or Lord? Those are the only options; it's absurd to include "he's a good man" in the mix. Someone who has just claimed to be the Bread of Life and made himself equal with God is not simply a good man. He does not give us that option; he never meant to (a rough and lazy rephrase from Mere Christianity). 
  • Tension has been building surrounding the ministry and identity of Jesus.

Psalm 12

  • Does the universal statement "no one is faithful anymore" indicate actual conditions or hyperbole? The rest of the psalm indicates hyperbole as the "needy" receive protection from God from the faithless, wicked enemies of God who malign the faithful.
  • Do I ever honor what is vile? Yes, sadly, when I laugh at coarse humor or become titillated by obscene or provocative images. I must keep 
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