16 January: Genesis 36-37, John 9, Psalm 16

Genesis 36-37

  •   Admittedly, I usually do not read through these geneaologies carefully, especially when it's not a line that descends into Israel. Yet here's an interesting note by the author (Moses): These are the kings who reigned in Edom before any Israelite king reigned. The first Israelite king begins his reign around 1000 AD. This written c. 1700 BC. 
  • Now begins the final story of Genesis through Joseph. In sharing his deams, was Joseph naive or proud? Either way, he was impetuous by not thinking through the potential impact of sharing such a dream. This picture of Israel with sun and moon and twelve stars is repeated in Revelation 12:1. 
  •  I'll take note if this cautionary tale of parental favoritism.  
  • Jacob the deceiver, is deceived by his sons and lives the final years of his life in deep mourning. There are always consequences for our sins. Plus we begin to see how his brothers meant it for evil but meant it for good  45:8. 

John 9

  • This man born blind will be the cause of glory for God if we see it beyond our pride and fear. Fear blinds his parents and pride blinds the Pharisees. I am most alarmed by the Pharisees failure to appreciate the big picture. They are so concerned about the technicalities of the Sabbath that they look right past a miracle standing before them. This is my potential blindspot. I can too quickly dismiss a miracle if of God if it doesn't conform to my doctrinal preconceptions. 

Psalm 16

  • Here are some sentiments on which I will meditate today: You alone are my portion and my cup Lord. .. Even at night my heart instructs me... I keep my eyes always on the Lord... You fill me with joy in your presence.