28 January: Exodus 11-12, John 18, Psalm 28

Exodus 11-12

  • The Passover! It's astounding how many epic events occur in each day's reading of the Bible.
  • Pharaoh was a man without restraints as the great ruler of the super power Egypt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Perhaps God was the only restraint holding him back from the depravity that would be his. We all do what we want to do, but sometimes we are restrained from what we want through the intervention or accountability to others. Pharaoh had none of that. By pulling back the restraints (see Rom 1), God allows the full hardening of Pharaoh's heart.
  • I currently have a significant position of responsibility that requires eternal vigilance lest I become untethered from the humility that promotes godliness. I need to bolster all restraints that promote godliness rather than individualistic fleshly indulgence (and pride).

John 18

  • Our recent visit to Caiphas' house in Jerusalem helped underscore the solemnity of this passage. We walked the same steps from Mount of Olives/Kidron Valley that led to Caiphas. And we descended into the cistern below his home in which Jesus likely began his path to the cross for us.
  • Peter denies three times. How do I deny Jesus before intimidating outsiders?
  • Pilate weakly asks, "What is truth?" Each year brings greater pressures of postmodernism where truth is slain at the altar of Tolerance. It's more critical with each passing year for disciples to guard the truths entrusted to us.

Psalm 28

  • The wicked besiege David, but he stands firm in his hope via God. "My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him." The psalm reminds me of Paul's letter to the Philippians.
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