4 January: Genesis 9-11, John 3a, Psalm 4

Genesis 9-11

  • Despite the fall; despite the depraved condition of men's hearts which are "only evil all the time"; God reaffirms the Imago Dei - "for in the image of God has God made mankind." While the fall defaced the image of God in mankind, it did not erase it. God is again eager to establish a covenant of grace with man through Noah by which we are given the keys to the car of earth. And we are cautioned to drive responsibly. 
  • Proto-pornography. When Noah lay uncovered in his tent, Shem and Japheth took great care not to gaze on his naked body. Conversely, Ham was careless and gazed at him despite the shame and resultant curse (Cursed be Canaan - the progeny of Ham). 
  • Noah was the second longest living man in the Bible (behind Methuselah). 
  • The table nations set forth in chapter 10 are a fascinating study - here's a note to self to find a helpful chart on this.
  • Tower of Babel. Unified men desired to reach the heavens on their own effort to "make a name for ourselves." God scatters them and confuses their communications through different languages. Later He will gather them and give them understanding of one another's languages and give them a great name — at Pentecost!

John 3a

Psalm 4

  • David remains steadfast in trusting God despite not hearing an answer to his prayer in his distress. Part of his distress is the faithlessness of the people. They have turned the great glory of being a people of God into shame.
  • God reproves them (and me) to tremble and do not sin. That is my meditation for today. Tremble and do not sin. Why tremble - God is just!
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