Welcome to the Family Michaela!

Brittany King, Jenn Woodham, Alanna McCalla, Amy Rosenquist, and Michaela Bittle after Michaela's baptism.Michaela Bittle was baptized on Sunday afternoon at Oceanview Beach, finishing the Campus Feed the 15,000 campaign. Following the on-campus service at ODU everyone headed over to Oceanview still in their sunday best, to join Michaela and her family. A small well-dressed army of disciples made a circle of sharing to welcome Michaela into the family of God. Many tears of joy were shed, many hugs were given, and finally Michaela and her now-sisters waded into the Ocean and baptized her. God has been so good in the first couple weeks of the year, and surely more blessings are coming. Welcome to the family Michaela!

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