Easter Service and Baptism

"He is Risen!" was the call, "He is Risen, INDEED" was the response.

Love Eastman, Brittney Austin, Briana Bass, Alexia Newburn, and Alanna McCalla after Brittney's baptism this Sunday.

With Easter Sunday filled with candy, talk of bunnies, and let's face it, delicious Easter dinner food, it gets easier every year to let the fact that Jesus was dead and he is now alive lose its weight. But after a powerful Easter service in Norfolk, the Campus ministry was blessed to see Brittney Austin, a student at Hampton University, make the decision to become a disciple and be baptized, it was clear that Jesus is well and alive today.

Hampton University Student Brittney Austin getting baptized on Easter Sunday right after Church.As Brittney begin her new life in Jesus. It falls to us to remember that Jesus' resurrection remains our only hope in this world. As doubt rises and the fires of skepticism are fanned into flame at the Universities we attend, the fact remains, He is Risen. 

He is Risen. 

Of all the religions in the world, all the great thinkers and philosophers in the history of the world, they are all dead. They have all passed on into history. But Jesus rose! He remains alive today. As we celebrate our new sister and welcome her into the family, we also celebrate the fact that we have such a great hope as this new life in him. 

Welcome to the family Brittney!


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