Three Baptisms in Two Days!

   Desmond Fogg from NSU and Laurine Mason from ODU after getting baptized on Sunday morning.   What a weekend in the Hampton Roads Campus Ministry! After A great Devo Friday night and a spectacular Sister's Encouragement Night on Saturday night, God blessed the HRC Campus with Laurine Mason from ODU and Desmond Fogg from NSU getting baptized on Sunday morning and Dennis Patterson from ODU on Monday afternoon.

Coleman Gordon, Dennis Patterson, and Josh Lund after Dennis' baptism Monday afternoon at Whitehurst.      When the end of the semester rolls around, so many things are grabbing for people's attention. Papers, projects, playoffs, and performances all start to ramp up and it can become easier and easier to be distracted from God. It is truly inspiring how these incredibly faithful freshmen have taken stands on where God belongs in their lives: FIRST, all the while excelling in their academics and athletics. 

    God has truly been working in the lives of so many people on the Hampton Roads Campuses and we can't wait to see how God finishes the rest of the semester. Welcome to the family Laurine, Desmond, and Dennis! We are so excited for the decisions you have made and we can't wait to see how God will use all of you in the future! 

Edward AntonComment