To be brought closer to his likeness as we strive daily to intentionally imitate the character of Jesus.  


We will focus on the character of Jesus and how imitation would affect our personal walk with God, our home life, our church family and our outreach. Use the Scripture bank to gain insight and understanding into the character of Jesus. 


Each week we will set goals in our struggle to become more like him; personal, home, church, outreach. EX: On October 12th, if Jesus is a 10 in boldness in his examples of boldness and I'm a 4, how can I raise it to a 6 this week by becoming more like him? What would that look like in my relationship with God, at home, in the church community and in my outreach? 


At the end of the each week: take a look at how you did, allow the Holy Spirt to work & share with your spouse, discipleship partner or roommate. 

CAMPAIGN DOWNLOADS (click to download)


  • SEPT 26. A Biblical "WHACK" Upside the Head
    • Dr. Douglas Jacoby
    • 10-noon & 1:30-3:30pm
    • Oscar Smith High School, 1994 Tiger Dr. Chesapeake VA
  • OCT 1. Reverence in Action
    • Take some special time to spend with God to prepare your heart for a great month
  • OCT 17. Boldness in Action
    • A church wide reach out event, more details to come
  • OCT 24, Outreach in Action
    • Have your neighbors/friends into your home for a meal, watch the game or game night
  • OCT 29, Faith in Action
    • Regional chariot ride for all of those seeking and those who are helping to them to God