NT40 Convictions for Romans 1-5

That was some dense truth today — the promise of salvation made sure even to the Gentiles; God's wrath made ready justly for both Jew and Gentile; the value of the Law to Jews only if they obey it; the hope that the Jews through sincerity to the Law would become a light to the Gentiles; the discrediting of the Law by Jews who disobey it; the universal rejection of righteousness by all men everywhere; the augmentation of awareness of this sin through the Law; the real hope for true righteousness is really through a faithful trusting relationship with God that actually honors the Law; Abraham provided an example of that trusting faith in God prior to the Law being given; Abraham had the greatly desired state of righteousness "credited" to him through his trusting faith; we too have righteousness credited to us not through the Law but through trusting faith in God; this credit of righteousness is required because we all sinned in Adam and all stand condemned; but we can now all celebrate the gift of righteousness because of Jesus' reversal of Adam's disobedience through His own glorious obedience. Whew... follow that?

What did I learn...

1. About God: He always had a plan to include Gentiles, and His hope was that the Jews would light the way but did not. Jesus is the fulfillment of that light to both Jew and Gentile.

2. About NT Christianity: Surely Paul knew what he was doing when he wrote this letter to the church in Rome. That means that the NT Christians were able to comprehend the deep waters of this epistle! They must have been very well versed in their OT Scriptures and very attentive to the reading of a letter with this depth of insight. 

3. DWIS (Do What It Says): Since today is "unplugged Tuesday," I will spend this evening in deeper study of this passage (Romans 1-5). The NT Christians grasped it probably because they were so much more familiar with the references Paul makes to Hab 2:4, Psalm 62, Prov 24:12, Isaiah 52 and 59, Ezek 36; Ps 51, 14, 53, 140, 10, 32, and 36, and Genesis 15 and 17. That's my reading plan for tonight!