NT40 Convictions for Mark 1-4

Today begins the journey (for all of us)!

  • One thing I learned about God.
    • God is an encouraging, loving father as seen in Mark 1:11 "You are my Son, whom I love; with you  I am well pleased." He verbalizes His affection and affirms his His love publicly.
  • One thing I learned about NT Christianity:
    • NT Christians knew what it meant to "follow" Jesus. Despite the fact that "following" would completely upend their lives, they answered the call to follow "at once" by leaving everything — family, careers, comforts — to follow Jesus as His disciples. Levi (aka Matthew) left his tax collection booth after hearing but one simple call to "follow me." And Levi immediately hosted Jesus and fellow disciples at his house which attracted "many tax collectors and sinners." Mark 2:13-15
  • One thing the Spirit convicted me to do today:
    • I need to be more of a mustard plant as I reflect the kingdom (Mark 4:31-32). The mustard plant was a hated weed yet it grew quickly. I will seek to spread the kingdom today without the concern of being likeable. So I will share my faith without concern for my reputation.
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