Praising God from A to Z

As we study the Lord's prayer in Luke 11, we see Jesus praising God. It's embarrassing to say, but I find this to be one of the more difficult aspects of my prayer life. Thanks flow well; confessions are clear; supplications are often boundless; but praise escapes me. Here's a pattern that my wife Deb shared with me that helps:

  • A.     Awesome, Advocate, Amazing, Author, Avenger, Abba

  • B.     Brilliant, Benevolent, Bountiful, Beautiful, Bold, Bruised, Boundless

  • C.     Creator, Comforter, Conqueror, Compassionate, Caring, Consuming Fire, Cornerstone, Courageous, Constant

  • D.     Daddy, Delightful, Deliverer, Dignified, Discerning, Divine, Dominion, Destroyer

  • E.     El Shaddai, Emmanuel, Eternal, Example, Extraordinary, Exalted, Excellent

  • F.     Father, Faithful, Forgiving, Friend, Fearsome, First, Forever

  • G.     Good Shepherd, Glorious, Generous, Gentle, Gatherer

  • H.     Holy Holy Holy, Helper, Healer, Humble, Honest

  • I.     Immeasurable, Immortal, Immutable, Immoveable, Invincible, Involved, Instructor, Imminent, I Am

  • J.     Joyful, Just, Justifier, Jealous, Jehovah Jirah, Judge

  • K.     King, Kind, Knowable

  • L.     Loving, Limitless, Listener, Long suffering, Lovely, Lamb, Lamp, Life, Lord

  • M.    Meek, Merciful, Messiah, Magnificent, Martyr, Mighty, Miracle Maker, Master

  • N.    Now, Near, Never ending, Noble, Nurturer

  • O.    Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent, Only God, One

  • P.     Patient, Peacemaker, Perfect, Praiseworthy, Pure, Protector, Potter, Physician,

  • Personal, Pleasing

  • Q.     Quintessential, Quickener    

  • R.     Ruler, Refuge, Rock, Radical, Real, Reliable, Rest, Refresher, Rescuer, Revered, Righteous

  • S.     Sacred, Savior, Sanctifier, Shield, Shelter, Shepherd, Spirit, Stronghold, Supernatural, Son, Sovereign

  • T.     Transcendent, Triumphant, Truth, Teacher, Trinity, Treasure

  • U.    Upright, Unblemished, Unique, Unlimited, Unforgettable

  • V.     Valiant, Vast, Vine, Vindicator, Victorious

  • W.     Wise, Wonderful, Word, Way, Warrior, Witness, Wounded, Worthy

  • X.     X ray vision

  • Y.     Yahweh, Yoked with us, Yearning, Yes

  • Z.     Zealous 

Edward AntonComment