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Family Devotionals: 

Adopted by God

 Activity: Everyone write down or draw a picture of their favorite family memory. Encourage everyone to get as detailed as possible. Once everyone is finished, go around and share your favorite memory and why it means so much to you.

Discussion Questions:

  • What makes all those family memories so great?
  • Would it be the same if it were just you without your family? What would that be like to go a vacation or spend Christmas without your family?
  • Besides all the great family memories, what do you love the most about being in your family?


Eph 1:4b-5

  • What does it mean to be adopted? (Note: Depending on age you may have to help out with this one)
  • What do you think it means to be adopted by God?
  • Think about, “Why would God want to adopt us, or what makes us so special?” as we read the next passage

 1 John 3:1-2

  •  Why would God want to “adopt” you?
  •  Do you think God sees you as special, someone he would choose, why or why not?
  • How does God show his love to you, as his adopted child?
  •   How do think this boy feels? What kinds of thoughts do you think were going through his head?
  •  Why do you think he is so happy, he cries?
  • Have you ever been so happy you cried? (Note: Good time to be open and vulnerable)
  • This boy has been chosen by his new adoptive parents, to be loved and cared for, discuss how it feels to be adopted/chosen  by God. 
  •  What does it mean to be adopted by God, what kinds of blessings would come along with that?  

Through Jesus we all can become adopted sons and daughters of God. With that we are Jesus’ brothers and sisters, best big brother ever! As adopted sons and daughters we have all the rights, honors and privileges of being true children of the God; the same God that created the earth, controls everything in it and one day will create the new earth.  He is your dad and he chose you; this is one big sign of his love for us!

This week go out and remember that we are part of a new family, chosen, handpicked by God as his son or daughter.