American Idol of Consumerism

The Christmas List
Big Idea:  Giving Beats Getting!

  1. Ice Breaker:  Lay out fancy paper with Christmas decorations/borders on it. Have a pen or pencil laid out next to the sheet. Tell each family member that tonight each of us will fill out our “Official Christmas List.” Each person’s list will be posted on the refrigerator or bulletin board until Christmas. Give them a time limit. Act as a scribe for younger children. At the end of the allotted time, collect each list and read it to the family. Most of the time, everyone lists the items they want to GET rather than the items that they want to GIVE.  If everyone does this, just read the lists and wait to make a comment until after you read and discuss the text. If someone writes a GIVING list, then talk about the mindset difference between the consumers and contributers. 

  • Read the Text: Acts 20:32-35

Questions from the Passage:

  •  What does covet mean? Why is it wrong to covet? What have you coveted this week? What are you most likely to covet? Do commercials make you covet things? Do you think that Jesus is pleased or displeased with commercials that make you covet toys and games and clothes and other things? Why is Jesus displeased with them? How should you feel about them?
  • Why did Paul work so hard? Whom did he help with the money that he made?
  • Jesus says “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” 
    • Do you believe that?
    • How will you be more blessed if you give everyone a gift at Christmas but no one gives you anything?
    • How will you be more blessed if you give away toys to poor children rather than get more for yourself?
    • Have you ever given something to a poor person? How did it feel to do that?
    • What’s something that you can do this week to “give rather than receive”?
    • How can you start a Christmas tradition that honors Jesus’ words about giving rather than receiving? 
  1. Memorize: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35
  2. Final Activity: Look at your Christmas List… do you want everyone who sees that to think of you as a taker rather than a giver? Let’s all tear down our old lists that show our old attitude of selfishness. Make a new Christmas List… of what you want to GIVE!!!! Celebrate the contribution that your family will make together this year!!!
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