The Lost Coin

A Family Devotional Lesson on Luke 15:8-10

Big Idea: It’s great to find something valuable that’ been lost. That’s how God feels about us when we try to run from Him and hide.

Ice Breaker:  Hide something valuable in the main room of your home. Pick something special that your children will highly value (toys, candy, trading cards, etc.). Tell the children what’s been “lost.” Ask them to try to find it (make it a slight challenge to find the item). You can equip them with flashlights to better dramatize the search.

Read the Text: Luke 15:8-10

Questions from the Passage:

  • Why isn’t the woman satisfied with the nine other coins?
  • What steps does she take to find the lost one?
  • How long will she look for it?
  • Whom does she represent in this story? Whom does the coin represent?
  • How long will God search for you?
  • What steps will He take to find you?
  • What does the woman do after she finds the coin? Why?
  • How much does she care about the coin?
  • How much does God care about you?
  • How does a sinner repent? Can you think of a sin you’ve done? How can you repent?
  • What does God do after you return (i.e. repent) to Him?
  • How can we give God a reason to throw a party today?
  • Memorize Luke 15:10 and throw a party with your favorite desserts and dancing to celebrate each person’s repentance!
Edward AntonComment