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From Grace to Gratitude: Living as Christ

Remember the game Simon Says?  If Simon said to do something (Simon says to hop on one leg), you did it!  If Simon didn't say to do something (Stop hopping! I didn't say Simon says...), but you did it anyways, you were disqualified.  

What if God were the same way?  What if God said, "Sing to me!" and you did?  You'd feel good about passing the first test.  But what if he then said, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you," and you didn't?  How would you feel now?  What pushes you to follow some commandments but not others?

Join us as we talk about life after grace!  If we are truly grateful for the grace God freely gives, we should live our lives as such!

Earlier Event: March 25
Good Friday Men's Devotional
Later Event: April 8