Teen Hawaiian Christmas

The teens had a sweet Hawaiian Christmas Party! Good times all around, great way to kick of the Christmas break.

Parent/Teen Devotional 11.1.13

What an incredible First Friday Parent and Teen devotional! I can't think of a better way to kick it off other than a baptism, Eve Pacheco. Between the teens, 7th graders, and parents we had over 250 people there building up the temple of the Lord!  

King's Dominon Teen Service '13

Had a great time at the Kings Dominion service this year seeing all my VA teens!  

New Building, New Site, New Teen Ministry

Excited about the new site and all the new things God is doing through the Hampton Roads Church and specifically the teen ministry! Friday teen devotionals are changing and with the new building we can more. Make sure to check out the teen hang out room, more stuff to come.

Lex C. has been added to the teen ministry staff to help out the the Peninsula Region and oversee the new 7th graders added to the ministry. Kelly and I are really looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table and so far we are stoked!