Teens - "Fight or Flight" by Marcus & Alexia Thomas

A lesson for teens to help navigate one of the most difficult times in life.

Men - "Fake Love, Fake War" by Kurt Flinchbaugh

Don’t settle for a corrupted impure virtual “thrills”.

Men - "NOW I Rise" by Chip Mitchell

Rediscovering your vision to respond to Grace and do great things for God.

Men - "Now You're Talking" by Phil Booker

Effective evangelism in a skeptical world.

Mature - "Ain't No Stoppin' Us NOW" (Caleb Corps Overview) by Clayton & Jean Walker & Ed & Deb Anton

Caleb Corp orientation for those who plan to partially retire from their occupation to fully serve Jesus. Also see hamptonroadschurch.com/calebcorps to sign up for more information.

Men - "Can't Stop Me NOW" by Scott Davis

Having unyielding faith in an ever darker world.