Salem Bible Discussion Group

Please join us as we meet to discuss God's Word in a small group setting.   The Bible really comes to life when sincere seekers gather to pursue truth and live it out. Small group fellowships, especially Small Group Bible Discussions, have a tremendous impact on those who participate. In these "right-sized" groups, people participate more, encourage each other more, grow in their faith, more often use their gifts, hold each other accountable, are more likely to pray for one another, find strength in hard times, and establish lifelong friendships. We encourage you to come and see how God's word can impact your life so that you may know Him, his Spirit, and his Son. 

This group is led by BJ and Adrea Aznar along with Keith and Corie Crawford. In addition to our small group discussions, we also meet partake in monthly devotionals with the other small groups.  These "Coastal Edge Devotionals" include lots of food, fun, and fellowship along with encouraging and inspiring preaching! Please see below for our when/where we meet. Children are more than welcome to join  in as well!

For more info, please call:

BJ (757)-389-1105; Adrea (757)739-3288

Keith (757)-773-1212; Corie- (301)-938-2356

Do not merely listen to the Word, do what it says.
— James 1:22

Here's Where and When we Meet