BodyBuilders II: Biblical Discipling and Counseling Overview

All the regions of Hampton Roads Church begin BodyBuilder Training for the Bible Talk Leaders starting January 2014. The "workouts" include:

BodyBuilders Icon.png
  1. Training for Godly Change
  2. Useful for Teaching
  3. Useful for Reproving
  4. Useful for Correcting
  5. Useful for Training
  6. Training for Righteousness
  7. Equipped for every good work

Check our Resource page for BodyBuilders for updates, lesson audio, slides, home workouts (w.o.w. or workout of the week), and video content. 

Lesson Two: Useful for Teaching

The Word of God is useful for TEACHING (and for correcting, reproving, and training) for righteousness. This BodyBuilders lesson focuses on a proactive, intentional approach to discipling and biblical counseling through teaching. Teaching is not meant to be dry and academic, but born out of a passionate and empathic heart. As we tackle in depth teaching on important topics, we'll promote a thorough examination of Scripture to explain the WHAT, WHY, HOW, and HURDLES for biblical doctrine or practice. Here's a link to biblical topics that are exhaustively studied with Scripture references.