Genesis 49-50 God Meant It All


A final sermon in our study of Genesis by Tim Rees. 


Genesis 46&47 Transformed by Grace


Genesis 46-47 Still On A Mission From God


Jacob departs the Promised Land to be reunited — at last— with his beloved Joseph! But before he departs the land of promise, he sacrifices to God in faithfulness. God responds by reaffirming Jacob's role in His Mission, a Mission from God!


Genesis 48 Crossed Up


In Hebrews 11:21, Jacob's entry into the "Hall of Faith" describes a mountaintop moment of faith for him. It's not his wrestling with God. It's not his wonder at the stairway to heaven. It's not even his sacrifice to God before departing the Promised Land. Instead, it's the event of this chapter, Genesis 48, where Jacob worships on his staff as he blesses Joseph's sons. 


Genesis 44-45 Reunited (and it feels so good)


To affect a wonderful reuniting of Jacob's sons, God orchestrates true repentance. Joseph will have a grand reveal before his brothers, and his brothers will have a grander repentance before him. 


Genesis 41:33-57 God's Mighty Hand


Genesis 42-43 Why Is God Doing This To Us?


When we are in the midst of discipline and training from the Lord, we are often left wondering, "What in the world is God doing to us?" He skillfully applies the events of a fallen, broken world to our darkened broken soul to produce holiness, righteousness, and peace for those who have been trained by it (Hebrews 12:10-11). God continues His reclamation project of Israel through the famine that extends to Canaan as His people get ready to head down to Egypt. 


Genesis 41 Refined by Famine and Fame


God refines His people, usually by suffering that produces perseverance that produces character that produces hope (Romans 5:3-4) or by testing through fires (1Peter 1:6-7). Here He refines Israel through famine and Joseph through slavery, imprisonment, and later — interestingly— through fame.