A New Bible Translation for 2014

I'll be reading through the Voice Bible translation in 2014 (using an annual reading plan - see the blog on Bible In a Year). So far, I've enjoyed it, but it injects explanatory phrases into the text without much distinction from the actual biblical text. It promotes itself as "A new Bible translation that reads like a story with all the truth and wisdom of the God's Word." Parts of the narratives receive a screenplay treatment, letting you always know who is speaking. If you follow the Hampton Roads Church progress through the Bible in 2014, you'll likely see a lot more on this new translation.

Do you have a reading plan for 2014 (it doesn't need to be reading through the entire Bible in a year, but some sort of a plan is very helpful)? Do you have goals to tackle some biblical topics more thoroughly in the new year? Have you set some spiritual goals for 2014? Now's the time to ramp up for "the best year ever."

Edward AntonComment