Exodus 18 Good Advice From a Father-in-Law

A closer look at Jethro's principle of delegation as fulfilled in Jesus' elegant design of the Great Commission. 

Exodus 17 Let's Put God on Trial

Despite Israel's grumbling after grace AND bringing charges against God, He gives grace to the grumblers AND pardons His accusers with a supreme act of grace that will only be fully realized in Jesus.

Exodus 16 What the What?!?

Despite Israel's repeated complaints against God, He continues to provide for them and refine them for greater service in the desert.

Exodus 19 Awesome God

Exodus 14 Liberated

Exodus 6-7 God Hardens Pharaoh's Heart

Paul asks the question in the Letter to the Romans, "Is it fair that God hardens Pharaoh's heart?" Many wrestle with this big theological question. And so do we at this midweek service of Hampton Roads Church as we study Exodus chapters 6 and 7.

Exodus 5-6 Bricks Without Straw

God hears us even in our slavery (in our case, slavery to sin!). And He responds: I Will Free You. I Will Make You My People. You Will Know Me. I Will Bless You. Wow.

Exodus 4 Here Am I, Send Someone Else

Moses, the great standard bearer of Israel, the mediating deliverer of God's people from bondage, begins his ministry career with hesitation and fear.

Exodus 3 The Burning Bush

A burning bush is an inherent contradiction. If such a thing can exist, then there is a spiritual realm. This expository sermon examines how God : Disrupts Us through Contradiction, Draws Us through Contradiction, And Delivers Us through Contradiction.

Exodus 1-2 Introduction to Exodus

Tim Rees introduces the book of Exodus