We're Celebrating our 25th Anniversary #HRC25

Time flies. It seems like just yesterday a minivan of seekers would drive all the way to Washington DC every Sunday for worship with likeminded, zealous disciples of Jesus. Today, we would need a minivan that seats a thousand! Let's celebrate what God does has done - and encourage many of our friends who have gone out to spread the Gospel to come home for a weekend festival of gratitude and wonder. Save the Date: August 12-13. On Saturday, August 12, we'll gather for special reunions, cook outs, and games. On Sunday, we'll worship together at the oceanfront at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Let our old friends know all about it. And encourage new friends to join us and hear of all that God has done. Direct them to hamptonroadschurch.com/hrc25 for updates on the celebration. 

Edward Anton