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Troas Teaching Night on Genesis 1-11

  • Hampton Roads Church 1132 Pickett Road Norfok, VA 23502 (map)

As we preach through the book of Genesis in 2017, we will encounter many questions in the first 11 chapters. This teaching event seeks to address those questions.

7-8pm      Big Questions About God (Did He know Adam would sin? Does He change His mind?)

8-9pm     Main Hall, Women: Eve as Ezer |  Fellowship Hall, Men: The Privileged Planet

9-9:30pm Break

9:30-10:30pm    Main Hall: The Cosmological Argument for the Creation of the Universe |  Fellowship Hall: The Privileged Planet

10:30-11:30pm  Hard Questions About Man (How did so many live into their 900s? Who are the Sons of God and the Children of Men, plus who are the Nephilim? Was Noah's flood worldwide? Who did Cain marry?)

Earlier Event: January 20
NO Teen Devotional
Later Event: January 21
Pre-Teen Event