Celebrate! ACR Conference 2014 Lesson Audio

Here is the First Round of Audio of the Lessons from the 2014 ACR Conference entitled Celebrate! Keep Checking Back--More lessons are coming!

Taking a deeper look at friendships and relationships in the church.

Discipline is the path to freedom and fun in the Lord. 

Learn how you can finally offload the weight of bitterness to live and love with joy in your heart.

 Stay faithful for the prodigal son or daughter. He or she may currently be writing the first few chapters of their testimony, but God write the happy ending.

 Creating harmony as you build a new home life with unique blessings. 

Learn to have fun, lead, collaborate, befriend and need spiritual women through great faith and focus on God’s plan and purpose (For Single Men)

Transitioning through the changes in life stages, jobs, geography, and churches with great strength and faith (For Single Men)

With each step of maturity, you become the person God has always intended you to be. Now that’s cause for celebration!

How awesome it is to be set apart like Jesus. Knowing that we get to live like Jesus himself and be that light for the world to see.

Creating family in our Bible Talks.

Even as we age, mature women grow in their ability to inspire others. 

How to get the most out of your training relationships, whether you're training or being trained. 

 How the security of grace can destroy any insecurity in our walk with God.

How do you know if you’re really called to serve in the full time ministry.

How one Christian father responds to a child with same sex attraction. How Christians can respond to the pro-Gay theology and attacks on the goodness of God. 

 We’ve been entrusted to be stewards over God’s riches. Most wish we had just a bit more. No matter how much you have (or don’t have), here’s a practical approach to faithfulness and peace with our physical possessions. 

 You’ve been entrusted with serious responsibility in the Kingdom of God - here’s how you can make it  a whole lot more fun

In Jesus, a light has dawned — even for those in the deep darkness of addictions and chronic sin. Come see why there is real hope. 

Get Up, Get Out, and Get On It; A Wild World Awaits” Both young and mature (we especially mean you, empty nesters!) have been embarking on faithful, fascinating adventures into parts unknown for Jesus and His Gospel. Learn more from those who have taken the challenge. 

A compelling perspective on evangelism fueled by the grace of God.

Celebrating Spirituality in Fatherhood.

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