NT40 Convictions for 2nd Corinthians 8-13

After an action packed weekend of evangelism and worship, we're back to the Bible to be informed in our Christianity by NT Christianity. Here's what I learned today...

1. About God: He Himself assigns spheres of service to us (2Cor 10:13). And it is His commendation that alone matters as He considers our service to Him (2Cor 10:18)

2. NT Christianity: Even in poverty they gave generously to other disciples in need (2Cor 8:2). They gave with cheerful hearts, entirely on their own, even pleading to share in this privelege of giving (2Cor 8:3-5)

3. DWIS (Do What It Says): I will use the authority that the Lord gave me for building up rather than to tear down (2Cor 13:10). I will be intentional about this today with at least one brother.