7 January: Genesis 18-19, John 4b, Psalm 7

Gensis 18-19

  • The great promise (and the covenant of the promise) to Abraham is made more specific "about this time next, and Sarah your wife will have a son." At this promise, Sarah laughs in disbelief. When questioned, she — like Abraham Egypt — lies due to her fear. Again I will remain keenly focused on my fear and any temptation to lie. I know I am susceptible to this sin under the conditions of fear.
  • Interesting to note that Sarah is reproved for her unbelieving laughter although Abraham also laughed in 17:17. 
  • Lot tries to warn his sons-in-law; however, they do not take him seriously. I joke quite often. I would hate to have my loved ones dismiss my warnings for righteousness due to my track record of joking. I'll be more conscious of whether or not humor serves a real purpose today.

John 4:26-54

  • John captures a golden episode of the expansion of the gospel. It all begins with a thorough reproof by Jesus of the Samaritan woman. 
  • Jesus rejects the idea "four more months and then the harvest" because the fields are already ripe for harvest. The Holy Spirit has already done the great work of the harvest, we merely pick what He has made ripe. 

Psalm 7

  • Can I ask God with confidence to vindicate me according to my own integrity and righteousness. I would dread that evaluation. Time to recalibrate righteousness.
  • The trouble we hope to inflict on others will come back upon us. 
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