8 January: Genesis 20-21, John 5:1-30, Psalm 8

Genesis 20-21

  • "Once bitten twice shy" doesn't seem to work for Abraham here with his deceitful practice of claiming Sarah as a sister rather than as a wife. Nonetheless, God is "gracious" as both protects Sarah and does for her what he promised (21:1). 
  • One of the greatest moments of glory and joy comes on the heels of a tarnished episode of Abraham and Sarah conspiring to practice deceit. That's the grace of God in vivid detail!

John 5:1-30

  • Jesus heals a man who has been an invalid for 38 years. The man has slid into a state of learned helplessness and self pity. Jesus cuts through all that with a simple question "Do you want to get well?"
  • What have I learned to accept in my life that needs to be healed? Materialism, worldly reputation, thoughtlessness, laziness? Do I want to get to well? Really?
  • Jesus can do it; he can heal. He can raise the dead with his voice. He indeed took me from dead in sins to alive in Christ!

Psalm 8

  • Another great Psalm of glory and praise - no wonder it is a favorite hymn. No one is around right now, so I'll sing through it. 
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