9 January: Genesis 22-23, John 5:31-47, Psalm 9

Genesis 22-23

  • The great test of Abraham's faith in a God who provides! Abraham desired Isaac more than anything else on earth. He banked on Isaac for the extension of his lineage. Plus, Isaac was the fulfillment of God's great promise to Abraham. And now God asks this one great and terrible thing from Abraham: sacrifice your only son whom you love. Remarkably, Abraham reasons (according to Hebrews 11) that God will raise Isaac from the dead and prepares to strike him with his knife. God intervenes. But God does more than this for us through His one and only Son whom He loves - Jesus.
  • When Sarah dies at 127, Abraham shows his love for her in the burial plans. He engages in "taarof" (eastern bargaining) with Ephron.
John 5:31-47
  • Jesus affirms John the Baptist as a bright and shining light for the gospel (and as testimony for Jesus). Jesus testifies to his authority by the miraculous works he performs.
  • Here's a frightening idea "you study the Scriptures diligently because think that in them you have eternal life... yet you refuse to come to me to have life." v. 39. Each day of Scripture study presents a temptation to become puffed up rather than built up. I need to continue to apply and love (and talk to fellow Christians about it to stay on course).
Psalm 9
  • What a song of Triumph! This is a great Psalm to "pray through" today. I'll keep it with me for a prayer walk - it's gonna get loud!

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