NT40 Convictions for Romans 6-11

Yesterday and today are by far the most demanding days of reading during these 40 days. Romans 1-11 are the most densely packed chapters of theology in the NT. Just today in Romans 6-11 Paul covers ... slaves to sin under the law and in the flesh; slaves to righteousness under grace and in the Spirit; sin and the law; righteousness and the Spirit; God's sovereign choice of Isreal and later us Gentiles; Paul's grief over Israel's branches broken from the tree; Paul's hope that the Gentile's election will arouse Israel to envy and return to the Lord for God's gift and call to them is irrevocable. 

What I learned today...

1. About God: He is sovereign!!! Fully, Big time!!!

2. About NT Christianity: They were slaves to righteousness rather and NO LONGER slaves to sin. They were set free from sin and came to obey from the heart the pattern of teaching that claimed their allegiance. Romans 6:17-18. 

3. DWIS (Do What It Says): Today I will seek to live with the attitude that I am a "slave to righteousness." I'll seek out righteous acts that God has set out for me (and they're plentiful) and do them as one who could nothing else. And after doing them, not to seek praise but reinforce that I do them because I am now made for righteousness. Realizing that I am a slave to righteousness also frees me from a sense of entitlement. Conversely, I will face down every temptation with the godly confidence that I am no longer a slave to sin!